Good Talent Management is a multi-faceted enterprise specializing in personalized talent development and top tier placement. Emphasis is placed on transitioning talent between the realms of fashion and film, as well as integrating social branding and the formation of unique talent identity for those represented. GTM is an industry pioneer in its approach to building the careers of its talent and is lauded as a fierce contender in the field of entertainment.
GTM boasts an extensive and effective network, with a team that has been handpicked from industry veterans for their knowledge and skill spanning the spectrum of the entertainment arena. With ties to a carefully selected range of premier agencies worldwide, our talent pursue projects that eclipse both fashion and film.
Also under the GTM umbrella are an array of immensely skilled photographers and creatives who bring to life unique and breathtaking concepts for talent and brands alike.
Our track record defines not only our ability to seamlessly handle film, fashion, and guest appearances for our talent, but also the ability to meet the increasing demand for brand presence and identity in the social sphere. Management by GTM is a unique experience dedicated to launching artists to new heights and maximizing their potential in the field.